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Your in good hands with us! We have been chartering boats for over 30 years. We have experienced every type of water condition and weather pattern. The Chandeleur Islands are particularly challenging. They change with every season and with every large weather front. Capt. Dennis has run Chandeleur Fishing Trips since 1998. Nothing beats first hand experience!


Captain Dennis Marshall

Captain Dennis MarshallCaptain Dennis Marshall was born and raised on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. He is a third generation fisherman. Dennis was introduced to the water at a young age. His father was an accomplished shrimp boat captain. Dennis' youth was spent in the family shrimping business. Shortly after graduation from Long Beach high school, Dennis pursued a career as a Fireman. Throughout the majority of Dennis' life, he has had support from his wife of over 30 years. They have two daughters of whom Dennis is very proud.

Recently, Captain Marshall hung up his fire helmet for the last time to take on a familiar challenge. It was time to return to the water. Captain Dennis decided to start his own charter business. He has been very successful. He currently runs around 40 trips per year on average. He has been taking fishing charters to the Chandeleur islands for over 15 years and has had experience on vessels ranging from 55ft to 125 ft.

Captain Dennis believes in providing a personal experience to his customers. He has many returning customers each year. Captain Dennis will not just drop you off and say "Good Luck." Captain Dennis is an avid fisherman and enjoys participating with his guests by getting out and showing you the best spots first hand.



Captain Mark McDonald

Captain Dennis Marshall

Capt. Mark McDonald is an avid inshore angler with experience in all forms of fishing. A Pass Christian Native and University of Southern Mississippi graduate, he has never strayed far from the water.

With two decades of experience, his knowledge and skill play a major role in each and every trip. Come join Capt. Mark in his passionate quest to land trophy fish right here on the beautiful Mississippi Gulf Coast.